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I love helping you connect your heart to your branding so you can truly find your voice in the world! I’m an introvert who has walked through the awkwardness of branding myself. I help other shy introverts uncover their superpowers! 

As a professional network marketer, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to improve their social media presence and brand themselves outside of their company.  I am also the founder of the online community #iHeartSocial where female entrepreneurs come together to find themselves in a noisy social media world. 

No more spinning your wheels!

Hi, i'm Vanessa!

Do You Struggle With Your Branding?

  • Do you feel awkward explaining what you do?

  • Is social media marketing confusing for you?

  • Is it hard for you to put your message out there?

  • Have you wasted money on programs & online courses that produce no results?

  • Do you feel like your dream life may never happen?

  • Does it make your head spin to keep up with all the things?

  • Have you thought about quitting your business?

  • Is it a struggle to make sales?

how i can help you!
First, I will help you discover who and what your brand really is! We want to dive deep and focus on your ideal client and their goals and talk about how your brand can truly have a mission!
Then, we will dive into clarifying your brand! Whom are you trying to reach? What colors should your brand be? Don't worry! I'll walk you through it all!
Third, once we've finalized your brand discovery and clarity you will have a polished online presence which in turn will attract the right people to join your tribe! Plus, I'll help you with your marketing strategies!

Are you frustrated with posting on social media because of low response and no engagement?

I know how you feel!! It can happen to anyone, but when it's a constant struggle, it can make you want to give up! Don't give up, I can help!! 

Just take my free Engagement Mini-Course! In 5 short videos I'll give you all my ninja tips and social media hacks you can implement right now to boost your engagement on social media!